Head of International Energy Agency: Next winter will be harder than this one "gas crisis"

The head of the International Energy Agency, Fatih Birol, said after his participation in the Munich Security Conference that the upcoming winter for the European Union will be more severe than the current one due to the “gas crisis”.

Birol wrote on his Twitter account: “I appreciate the efforts of the European Union to overcome the gas crisis this winter, but next winter will be more difficult.”

He referred to the need to “develop a new master plan for European industry”, but did not provide specific details.

Birol has previously expressed confidence that European countries will face serious difficulties if they do not reduce the level of natural gas consumption.

European governments cover much of their gas shortfall with expensive liquefied natural gas shipped by sea from the United States and Qatar.

Demand for LNG pushed Europe and Asia into competition, prices skyrocketed, leading to a switch to other fuels, including coal.

Source: TASS

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