He revealed the reason for Vitoria’s refusal to coach Al Ahli and his acceptance of the leadership. "pharaohs"

Portugal’s Roy Vitoria’s contract to coach Egypt has sparked controversy following his refusal to coach Egypt’s Al-Ahly a few days ago.

Al-Ahli announced in early July that he had signed Portuguese coach Ricardo Soares after failing to sign Vitoria, who was officially appointed head of technical management of Egypt’s first national team today, Tuesday, to replace Ihab Galal Al Makal.

Vitoria’s approval to coach the Egyptian national team and Al Ahly’s refusal caused controversy among Red Castle fans on social media, especially due to his distinguished background compared to current Al Ahly club manager Ricardo Suarez, who was never crowned. any title in your career.

And kooora confirmed that the main reason for the failure of the negotiations between Al Ahly and Vitoria was the dispute over the financial compensation demanded by the Portuguese coach, which forced the Red Genie officials to turn to other options. .

Vitoria demanded €3 million annually during negotiations with Al Ahly, which was rejected by Egyptian club officials and led to the failure of negotiations between the two sides.

And Egyptian press reports indicated that Vitoria would receive an annual salary of 2.4 million euros for the Egyptian national team, while Al-Ahly agreed to pay 1.5 million euros annually to his new coach Ricardo Suarez and his assistants.

Source: “kooora” + agencies

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