He is of Arabic origin. Olympic champion Mo Farah was brought to the United Kingdom by human traffickers.

British runner Mo Farah said he was smuggled into the UK as a child and forced to work as a domestic worker.

“Actually, I’m not the person you know,” the runner said in a BBC documentary called The Real Mo.

The first Briton to win four gold medals in athletics has confirmed that his children have inspired him to openly reveal his past.

He indicated that he was born in Somaliland, northern Somalia, and that his real name was Hussein Abdi Kaheen, adding: “Despite what I said earlier, my parents never lived in the United Kingdom.”

He said he was four years old when his father was killed in the Somali civil war, adding: “My family was separated, separated from my mother and taken illegally to the UK under the name of another child named Mohamed Farah.”

In the documentary, Farah described thinking he was heading to Europe to live with his relatives and recalled going through a checkpoint in the UK in the name of Muhammad at the age of nine after traveling with the woman he used to did not know. .

He added: “I had numbers to call relatives, but when we got to the woman’s house, she took the numbers from me, tore them up in front of me and threw them in the trash. in trouble.”

Mo Farah was forced to do housework and take care of the children in order to provide himself with food. He adds that the woman told him, “If you want to see your family again, don’t say anything.” According to Farah, he often locked himself in the bathroom and cried.

The sportsman took a film crew on a tour of his childhood home in east London and described “not very good memories” as he was not treated like a member of the family.

Eventually, Farah told his mentor Alan Watkinson the truth and moved in with his mother’s friend, who took care of him for seven years.

Watkinson applied for Farah citizenship in a “lengthy” process and was finally granted citizenship in 2000.

Farah concluded that he wanted to tell his story in order to challenge public perceptions of human trafficking and slavery.

Farah won gold medals in the 5000m and 10000m at the Olympic Games in London and Rio de Janeiro, and is also a 6-time world champion and a five-time European champion.

Source: “Agency”

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