He has been on the throne since 1967. The Sultan of Brunei owns 7,000 luxury cars and a gold-plated private jet.

Hassan Bolkiah bin Omar Ali Saifuddin III ascended the throne of Brunei on October 5, 1967, succeeding Omar Ali Saifuddin and becoming the country’s 29th ruler.

Hassan Bolkiah bin Omar Ali Saif ad-Din III, the country’s sultan for many years, has a large fortune, estimated at about 30 billion pounds.

The British Daily Star newspaper reported that the Sultan owns 7,000 cars, private jets and a huge palace.

The 75-year-old Sultan of Brunei oversees the prime minister, the ministry of defense and the ministry of foreign affairs, so it’s no surprise that he has amassed an extraordinarily large fortune that matches his enormous title in important positions. in the state, according to what was published by the British newspaper “Daily Star”.

The newspaper reported that the Sultan had so much money that he once spent about £15,000 on a haircut.

As for the gilded private jet, it is, of course, part of the extravagant things he owns. The Daily Star reports that the £350 million Boeing 747 had a gold washbasin, windows, gold-lined tables. , leather seats and other extras worth $100. Inside is a million pounds.

In terms of cars, Sultan reportedly owns 365 Ferraris, 275 Lamborghinis, 258 Aston Martins, 172 Bugatti, 230 Porsches, 350 Bentleys, 600 Rolls Royce, 440 Mercedes-Benz, 265 Audis, 237 BMWs, 225 Jaguars and 183 Land Rover. .

A British newspaper indicated that it was not known where he kept the cars, although some reports indicated that he was already leasing them to collectors to provide additional income.

He is rumored to have owned more than half of all Ferraris sold between 1990 and 2000.

As for its opulent palace, Istana Noor Al Iman Palace was built in 1984 and spreads over a vast area of ​​two million square feet, which is the largest place in the world according to the Guinness Book of World Records. .

The palace is adorned with a 22-carat gold dome, 1,700 rooms, five huge swimming pools, 257 bathrooms, and 110 garages, which could explain where its impressive fleet of cars was stored.

The newspaper indicated that there were 564 chandeliers in the palace, for which 51,000 light bulbs were needed.

As you would expect from any wealthy leader, the Sultan of Brunei has his own zoo with 30 Bengal tigers, many falcons and countless flamingos and cockatoos.

The palace is closed to the public, but is used for important government functions and special Islamic holidays, when about 110,000 people gather during Eid al-Fitr.

The cost of the mansion is estimated at 1.3 billion pounds.

Source: British newspaper Daily Star.

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