Hazem Emam tells what Salah asked for as soon as the Egyptian national team signed a contract with Vitoria.

Hazem Emam, a member of the board of directors of the Egyptian Football Association, has revealed the details of the contract with the Portuguese Roy Vitoria, who will soon take over as coach of the Egyptian national team.

The Egyptian Federation earlier this week formally signed Vitoria to a four-year deal to coach their first team, replacing Ihab Galal Al Makal in his post.

Hazem Imam said in a televised address: “At the beginning, Hazem was not only the one who signed the contract with the coach, but also the efforts of the entire Board of Directors of the Football Association, headed by Jamal Allam, and all the members of the board.”

He added: “The federation gave me a lot of mandate and support to complete the file, but I didn’t do it myself. There is no administration represented by one person. I thank Jamal Allam for the payment he gave us and he was with us step by step through the process of signing the contract with Vitoria.”

Hazem continued: “I also thank Ashraf Sobhi, Minister of Sports, for supporting us in this matter and I briefed him on all matters before leaving to complete the contract with Vitoria.

He continued, “I had no difficulty negotiating with Vitoria, except for many details. I asked him about his interest in coaching the national team and working in Egypt and he told me he would be happy.”

Hazem Imam was surprised by the communication between Mohamed Salah, the Liverpool star, and Vitoria, saying: “Salah asked me for Vitoria’s phone number as soon as I signed a contract with him to welcome him as the captain of the Egypt national team.”

Source: agencies

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