Hassan Shehata retracts his claims about Mohamed Salah

Hassan Shehata, the former Egypt manager, has retracted his allegations against Mohammed Salah, the English Liverpool star and captain of the Pharaohs, after he was viciously attacked because of them.

Shehata said in television statements on satellite channel On Time Sports 1 on Tuesday evening: “I was surprised by my accusation that I said that Mohamed Salah did nothing for the Egyptian national team, which did not happen.”

He continued: “I said in a phone interview with one of the programs that politeness is what led us to the current situation, and all I said was what I heard that the contract with the Portuguese Carlos Queiros, the former coach of the national team Egypt team, has been through the players’ agent.

He added: “I said that Mohamed Salah is a star of world stars, so how can I at the same time say that he did nothing for the Egyptian national team?”

He concluded: “Mohamed Salah honors us in Europe and will continue to honor us in the future and we must all support and encourage the team so that it can achieve what the Egyptian people desire.”

Source: “Egyptian Media”

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