Harsh penalties await Al-Ahli if he exits the Egyptian Cup and Super Bowl

Al Ahly Club expects severe penalties if it decides to withdraw from the Egyptian Cup and Egyptian Super Cup in protest of arbitration, according to the rules of the Egyptian Football Association Competitions Committee.

Al-Ahly announced in an official statement on Thursday four strict decisions following an emergency meeting of the club’s board of directors led by Mahmoud Al-Khatib amid Farko’s last 0-0 match, most notably withdrawing from the competition. organized by the Egyptian Football Association (Egypt Cup and Egyptian Super Cup) until the club’s requirements are met.

Al Ahli is demanding the dissolution of the refereeing committee, which has “lost its integrity and authority,” the club said in a statement, as well as the removal of Mahmoud Ashour, the VAR video referee for the Farko match. pending investigation.

Al Ahli drew with Farko on Wednesday night in the 28th round of the Egyptian Premier League.

Referee Ahmed Gandour called off Al Ahli’s 72nd-minute South African Percy Thaw’s offside goal after returning to the VAR technique, but a TV replay proved the goal correct, angering the team. fans and management of Al-Ahly.

And according to the Yalla Qura website, the Egyptian Football Association will impose fines on Al Ahly if he follows through on his threat to withdraw from the Egyptian Cup and Egyptian Super Cup.

Egyptian Cup

Al-Ahly will play with Misr El-Makassa on August 14 in the 1/8 finals of the tournament.

Article 62 of the Regulations of the Competition Committee for the current 2021-2022 season states that “in the event that a team is withdrawn from the Egyptian Cup after the start of the tournament, its name is removed from the table and the opposing team in the match is considered won with a score of 2-0” .

It also states that “in the event that a team withdraws from the tournament after the round of 16, it will be fined 20 times the entry fee.”

The same article also states that “the withdrawn team is deprived of the right to participate in the next season of the competition.”

Egyptian Super Cup

Al Ahli will face his rival Zamalek on October 28 at the Hazza bin Zayed Stadium in the Emirati city of Al Ain.

Al Ahli will play as runners-up in last year’s Egyptian Cup, while Zamalek will play as league champions.

According to article 64 of the competition list, “If the runner-up for any reason apologizes for participating in the Egyptian Super Cup match, the match will be played between the league champion and his runner-up and then in order in case of an apology.”

And since Al Ahli also finished second last season from the league, it is the third-placed Pyramids who will take on Zamalek in a super match if the red team retires.

Article 67 of the regulations states that “the regulations on competitions and player affairs and the conditions set by the Competition Committee for this match shall apply to the match for the Egyptian Super Cup.”

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