Harris’ laughter infuriates Americans

Viewers of the US Fox TV channel responded with caustic and angry comments to the laughter of US Vice President Kamala Harris when discussing the problem of gasoline prices in the country.

At a social event in New Orleans on Sunday, Harris laughed when asked about record fuel prices. One of the participants of the event joked that a few days ago he saw a “mime” on the Internet about how to make gasoline at home. “Don’t do it,” Harris replied, and laughed.

This reaction of the state’s second-largest official to the fuel problem caused criticism from the Americans.

Dave Kansel wrote, “What the hell does she think it’s all so funny… Of course she doesn’t have to pay for anything, there’s taxpayer money.”

“Honestly, I laughed because she’s just a fool,” added Bob S.

“Oh my god, I completely forgot about her… looks like we don’t have a VP at all,” Sarah Lynn wrote, while Understated said, “It’s amazing that we pay her and people like her.”

Sean McDougal wrote: “They don’t even have to drive when they’re in the office, so what do they care how much we pay? This is the ultimate evil.”

“It’s okay, we’ll all be laughing in November (after the midterm congressional elections) when all the Democrats line up for unemployment benefits and have to pay five dollars a gallon,” Sptrader warned.

And the price of gasoline in the US has reached record levels in recent months, surpassing $5 a gallon in June.

Source: “News”

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