Hamas: Israeli enemy escalates resistance and must pay the price

Hamas argued that Israel was the one who escalated and committed the new crime, and that it should pay the price and be held accountable for it.

In a statement, the movement said: “The Israeli enemy is the one who started the escalation of resistance in Gaza and committed a new crime, and he must pay the price and bear full responsibility for this.”

She added: “The Resistance, with all its armed forces and factions, has united in this battle and will have their say in full force. It is no longer possible to accept the persistence of this situation as it is.”

He continued: “The valiant resistance will protect our people and the people of Gaza with everything they have and balance containment, continue to pursue the occupation and defeat it as it has defeated it, in all battles and in all arenas, above all that is this battle, and all arenas must open fire on the enemy and herds of settlers.

Source: RT

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