Guterres: Extreme poverty and hunger on the rise worldwide for the first time in decades

United Nations Secretary-General António Guterres said extreme poverty and hunger are on the rise in all parts of the world for the first time in decades.

Guterres pointed out in his speech at the opening of the fifty-second session of the Human Rights Council in Geneva that the world is no longer moving forward, but has begun to regress.

“Instead of continuing this progress, we turned around and took a step back. For the first time in decades, extreme poverty and hunger are on the rise,” added the Secretary General.

According to the UN Secretary-General, 339 million people worldwide will be in need of humanitarian assistance in 2023, which is 25% more than in 2022.

The Human Rights Council, an international body within the United Nations system, is responsible for the promotion and protection of all human rights throughout the world and for examining cases of human rights violations and making appropriate recommendations. The Council meets at the United Nations Office at Geneva.

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