GTA 6 Leaks Are Being Taken Down

Take-Two is sending out a wave of copyright strikes to try to get leaks of Grand Theft Auto 6 taken down from the internet. This past year, hackers broke into Rockstar’s system and did a lot of damage. A 17-year-old in the UK was reportedly arrested because of this. Since then, there have been a few small leaks about Grand Theft Auto 6 on social media, but nothing big. Take-response Two’s to a recent leak seems to have been strong, which got some communities in trouble.

On September 18, a GTAForums member posted over 50 minutes of video from a version of Grand Theft Auto 6 that was still in development. The leaks showed that the highly-anticipated Grand Theft Auto sequel would have several important new features unknown. Author Take-Two went after the leaked Grand Theft Auto 6 material hard, but it’s hard to put out every fire when something goes viral on the Internet.

Update Regarding Posting Leaks
by u/GTA6Mods in GTA6

Some leak-focused communities were able to keep sharing content without getting copyright strikes. This is likely because so much Grand Theft Auto 6 content had already been leaked. One of these communities was the GTA6 subreddit, but it seems to have ended after a new leak hit the community this week. The GTA6 subreddit’s moderators have posted that the community is being shut down because of “lots of copyright strikes.”

The GTA6 community says that leaks will not be allowed to be posted in the future. This includes both links posted on the subreddit and other places where leaked Grand Theft Auto 6 content can be found. Reddit has said that if the community keeps being a problem, they will shut it down completely. Take-Two sent many takedown notices about the Reddit community, so it’s safe to say that Reddit isn’t happy about it and is taking extreme steps.

Take-response Two’s makes a lot of sense. Video game companies go after leaked information about upcoming games with a vengeance, and Grand Theft Auto 6 hasn’t even been announced yet! Having so much of the game already online in a way that wasn’t planned can cost a lot of money and put the careers of many game developers at risk. It’s also understandable that Grand Theft Auto fans want to see everything they can about a game they’re looking forward to.

Even though Take-Two is working hard to stop leaks online, there will still be a lot of talk about Grand Theft Auto 6 before more is known about the game. This kind of situation happens because the game is so popular. Grand Theft Auto 6 likely won’t be shown off to the public for a while yet, though. In the meantime, fans will have to be patient.

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