Grossi: Situation at Zaporozhye NPP is fragile and unstable

Director General of the International Atomic Energy Agency Rafael Grossi confirmed that the situation at the Zaporozhye NPP is very fragile and unstable.

“Unfortunately, the situation is still very fragile and unstable,” Grossi said at a meeting with the director of the Russian company Rosatom, Alexei Likhachev.

He stressed the need to postpone the rotation of the IAEA mission due to the current situation in the region, where several explosions were recorded.

Likhachev expressed Russia’s readiness to implement Grossi’s initiative to declare a security zone in the area of ​​the Zaporozhye nuclear power plant.

Zaporozhye NPP is located on the eastern bank of the Dnieper near the city of Energodar and is the largest nuclear power plant in Europe in terms of the number of reactors, as it includes 6 reactors with a capacity of 1 GW. .

Since March, the station has been under the protection of the Russian army, while the Russian Foreign Ministry confirmed that this step was justified in order to avoid leakage of nuclear and radioactive materials.

The Ukrainian army continues to regularly bomb Energodar, as well as the nuclear power plant area adjacent to the city, and Russian Defense Minister Sergei Shoigu has said the Kyiv regime seeks to create some sort of threat of nuclear holocaust by continuing to deliberately bomb the plant.

Source: RT

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