Greece records first child death from hepatitis of unknown origin

Greece’s national public health organization EODY has announced the registration of the first death of a child associated with acute hepatitis of unknown origin.

And the organization said in a statement: “A 13-month-old child was admitted to a private children’s clinic due to high fever for two days and lethargy.”

“During the examinations, liver failure and cerebral edema were revealed, and despite the efforts of the doctors, the child died,” she added.

Another 11 cases were reported in Greece with symptoms of acute hepatitis of unknown origin in children, most of which did not require special treatment and were not accompanied by complications.

According to the World Health Organization reports, 920 such cases were registered in 33 countries of the world, 45 cases (5%) required a liver transplant, and 18 cases (2%) ended in death, emphasizing that “in recent weeks, the world has seen a steady decline in the incidence of .

Source: “News”

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