Greece finds 38 Syrians stranded on Turkish border for days

Greek police announced that they found 38 Syrians on the Greek-Turkish border, who for several days were stuck on an island on the border of the Evros River.

Non-governmental organizations and the media reported the death of a child among the Syrians, which the police have not yet been able to confirm.

“After receiving new information and conducting in-depth investigations, a group of illegal immigrants, who, according to them, are Syrians, including nine women and seven children, were found “in Greek territory,” the police said.

The location of the migrants was discovered “at a distance of about 4 kilometers from the originally declared point, which was outside the territory of Greece,” the statement said, which indicated the presence of a “pregnant woman” among them.

Greek Migration Minister Notis Mitarahi said the migrants were all “in very good condition” and added that “they were on a boat 4km south of the Turkish island of Evros.”

The minister indicated on Twitter that the pregnant woman was “transferred to the hospital as a precaution.”

The information came a day after Mitarachi accused Turkey of finding the migrants, since the island on the Evros River where they were, according to the UN and the media, was “a point outside the territory of Greece.”

The case has sparked an online furor in recent days, with journalists and human rights organizations warning of a “critical situation” for the refugees.

The Evros River divides the Greek-Turkish land border (northeast) and extends for about 200 km.

Last Saturday, the UN High Commissioner for Refugees called for “urgent action” to rescue “about forty people stranded on a small island on the border between Greece and Turkey.”

Human rights NGOs and the media reported that these refugees were the victims of an illegal rebuff between Greece and Turkey and were stranded on an island in Evros for several days.

Source: AFP

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