Gmail is permanently changing soon

Soon, your Gmail account will look slightly different because the company is finally giving all users the long-awaited makeover.

To give users a complete Google Workspace experience, Gmail has been updated so that users can now use email, video conferencing, and chat all in one place.

Users won’t have to do anything to get the new look of Gmail, which will be updated automatically over the next few days for all users around the world to make the platform more modern.


In a Google Workspace update post, the company said the new look “will become the standard experience for Gmail, and there will be no way to go back to the old UI.”

The facelift was first discussed in February 2022, when Google Workspace services like Chat and Meet were brought closer to Gmail.

In November 2022, most Gmail users could try out the new look, but they could always go back to the “original view” if they didn’t like it.

From today on, users will only be able to use the new design. However, Google says users can change their Gmail theme, inbox type, and other settings through the quick settings menu.

Aside from the more integrated links with Meet and Chat, users will also see a new right sidebar with links to other Google services like Calendar, Tasks, and Keep without having to open new tabs or windows.

The company also says that you’ll be able to see all of your notifications in one place, with bubbles showing when you have a new message or chat to respond to.

It will be available to all Google Workspace user accounts (except for Google Workspace Essentials customers) and G Suite Basic and Business customers.

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