"Global Times"The United States fell into the trap of the sanctions they imposed against Russia

A Chinese newspaper criticized Washington’s repeated attempts to abdicate responsibility for the aggravation of the Ukrainian crisis, accusing Beijing of creating new enemies to keep the US allies camp united.

The newspaper pointed out that Washington blacklisted five Chinese companies for their “alleged support for the Russian military-industrial complex”, explaining that “Washington has once again shown a bad habit of blaming others. On the one hand, he is trying in this way to avoid “special responsibility” for the Ukrainian crisis, and on the other hand, to create new common enemies, trying to maintain unity in the camp of allies led by the United States.

The article emphasizes that such unilateral measures are incompatible with international law and are not approved by the UN Security Council, and therefore are completely illegal, emphasizing that “Russia and China maintain normal cooperation in the field of energy, economy and trade”, asking: “On what Washington prevents this and imposes sanctions against China?

The article also noted that the restrictive measures of the United States and its allies against Moscow “have reached their political maximum, but have not achieved the expected effect.”

The article concludes that “Washington and its partners have fallen into their own traps, leading to an energy crisis and rising inflation.”

Source: RIA Novosti

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