"Global Times": the West is looking at"narrow-minded" To join new countries"Brix"

The Chinese newspaper The Global Times pointed out that Western countries began to view the BRICS group as a tough competitor in the international arena after a large number of influential countries announced their intention to join it.

The newspaper said that the US and European media are covering the possibility of expanding the BRICS “under the slogan of confrontation between East and West.”

The newspaper recalled that the BRICS group was created for equal and mutual cooperation of countries, and not for confrontation.

She added that the intention of some countries to join the “BRICS” is due to their rejection of a world order dominated by the West.

She stated that “the BRICS members have the desire and the ability to address the shortcomings in global governance, and in order to achieve this goal, the BRICS is implementing some initiatives, for example, the creation of the New Development Bank.”

The Iranian Foreign Ministry recently reported that Tehran has applied for BRICS membership, and Argentine President Alberto Fernandez has expressed his country’s intention to join the group, while various sources confirm the intention of Turkey, Saudi Arabia and Mexico to join the group.

Source: RIA Novosti

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