"Global Times" She talks about the collapse of industry in Europe and reveals the biggest beneficiary

The Global Times, in an op-ed by writer Bi Sing, stated that the collapse of European industry was inevitable and pointed out that the United States would be the main beneficiary of this situation.

The writer explains the fall of industry in Europe with a sharp jump in energy prices and the conflict over Ukraine, and also notes that in the light of the crisis in Europe, most companies will rush to the United States.

The writer explained that “the loss of ‘industry’ is not new for Western countries. Since the seventies, industrial enterprises have left Europe for a number of objective reasons, however, the new wave of ‘de-industrialization’ that the continent is facing this time is caused by high energy prices and unprecedented inflation rate several decades ago.

A few days ago, the newspaper reported that the United States is the biggest beneficiary of the energy crisis in Europe, which could be exacerbated by the suspension of gas supplies via Nord Stream 1 (a pipeline from Russia to Germany across the river under the Baltic Sea).

She pointed out that Washington is working to prolong the conflict in Ukraine in light of the energy crisis in Europe.

Source: Prime

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