Global Demand for Russian Oil and Gas Surges with Over 20 Requests from Multiple Countries

Russian Deputy Prime Minister Alexander Novak said that in 2022, Russia received more than 20 requests from different countries, primarily from Asian countries, for the purchase of energy resources, especially crude oil.

Novak, in an article on the expansion of the geography of Russian energy exports, published in the Energy Policy magazine of the Russian Ministry of Energy, noted: “Last year, more than 20 orders were received from different countries, mainly from Asia, for the supply of oil, petroleum products and natural gas, liquefied, and this is an indicator that there is great potential for expanding the geography of exports.

The Deputy Prime Minister of Russia added that in order to strengthen the country’s financial sovereignty, a prompt transition to settlements in national currencies is of particular importance, noting that most of the settlements are carried out in rubles, yuan and rupees.

The Russian official also pointed to an increase in the number of countries that are switching to settlements in national currencies with their partners.

Novak also devoted part of his article to Russian-Indian relations in the energy sector, where he said that in 2022 Russia increased oil supplies to India by 19 times, and oil products – almost twice, and coal – almost 3 times. once.

And the article said: “Compared to 2021, Russia increased oil supplies to India last year by 19 times, up to 41 million tons, coal by about 3 times, up to 20 million tons, while exports of oil products to India last year amounted to about 6.2 million tons. tons compared to 3.1 million tons in 2021.

In general, Novak noted a significant increase in energy exports from Russia to India, as well as to China.

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