Germany.. Warnings of a catastrophic scenario as a result of sanctions against Russia

Alexander King and Konstantin Braun of Germany’s Die Link party stressed that the West had made a mistake by restricting economic activity in the world’s largest country, warning of the catastrophic consequences of sanctions for Germany and its people.

The two politicians wrote in Der Freitag that “a complete boycott of Russian oil combined with the threat of gas shortages would represent the catastrophic scenario we are heading towards.”

They stressed that Western countries made a mistake by imposing restrictions on the economic activity of “the largest country in the world, possessing all the raw materials that the world needs for economic development.”

They stressed that low- and middle-income people, including highly skilled workers, would be hurt by government counterproductive actions due to the risk of entire industries shutting down.

They noted that protest moods are growing, which is quite justified.

Source: RIA Novosti

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