Germany: US found that sanctions do not affect adversaries, but benefit them in the camp of friends

The Focus newspaper notes in the article that the US sanctions are primarily against their economic partners in Europe under the pretext of actively supporting Ukraine.

The newspaper notes: “The US has established that sanctions do not affect the camp of opponents, but are effective against the camp of friends and economic partners. Precisely because the sanctions are forcing the camp of friends to break off profitable economic relations, as happened with Cuba, Iran, Russia and China, and at the same time, the American alternative is not profitable.”

The article notes that this approach of sanctions creates favorable monopoly conditions for the United States, allowing the rejection of market mechanisms: “In the absence of alternatives, the Germans, French and other NATO countries currently import certain goods from the United States against For example, very expensive American liquefied gas, which they buy in exchange for much cheaper Russian pipeline gas.”

Source: RIA Novosti

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