Germany refuses to supply tanks to Kyiv

German Defense Minister Christine Lambrecht said her country would not currently supply Kyiv with the required tanks, but “very soon” would provide it with armored vehicles.

Lambrecht stressed at a press conference that we must “promptly put other military equipment at the disposal of Ukraine.”

The minister announced the dispatch of two new Mars-2 launcher systems and 200 missiles. Ukraine will also receive 50 dingo vehicles for various tracks.

At this stage, Germany does not intend to supply Ukraine with Leopard 2 tanks, although Kyiv insists on the supply of such vehicles.

Germany is accepting a round-robin system in which Greece will receive Marder armored vehicles, which Kyiv also demands, and that Athens will supply Ukraine “very soon”, according to Lambrecht, with older armored vehicles.

“It is important for me to make it clear that these supplies will not weaken the German army,” Lambrecht said.

“We can still defend the (Atlantic) alliance and the country, and it is important to me that our allies in the east wing can count on us to keep our promises,” she said.

Source: AP

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