Germany installs office heating ceiling next winter to save gas

German Economy Minister Robert Habeck has urged government agencies and companies to heat their buildings and offices to no more than 19 degrees Celsius this winter and to turn off outside building lights to save gas.

He stressed that while the 27 EU countries have pledged to reduce their gas consumption by 15 percent from August compared to the average consumption over the previous five years, Germany needs to cut its consumption by 20 percent.

Habek also proposed banning the heating of private non-commercial swimming pools, turning off heating in open spaces in government buildings such as the lobby, and turning off lights on public billboards between 10 p.m. and 6 a.m.

Germany consumes more natural gas imported from Russia than many other EU countries. Russia has already halted gas exports to several European Union countries, and officials fear that Moscow will use gas exports as a political weapon to push for sanctions relief or even cut exports to Europe entirely during winter, when gas demand is highest.

Source: AB AB

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