Germany: Airports in Disarray as Hundreds of Flights Canceled

Flights at several airports in Germany were seriously disrupted on Monday by the latest in a series of one-day strikes linked to various wage disputes.

After ver.di union workers called for “warning strikes” at airports in Berlin, Hamburg, Hannover and Bremen, the dpa news agency reported that around 200 flights had been canceled in Berlin and about a third of the 200 arriving flights were expected to be cancelled. be cancelled.

Hamburg Airport announced the cancellation of all 123 flights during the strike, as well as at least 50 out of 121 arrivals.

The strikes by airport employees come amid difficult wage negotiations for federal and municipal civil servants in Germany.

The unions are seeking a 10.5% increase in their wages, while employers have so far offered a 5% overall increase in two installments and a one-off payment of 2,500 euros ($2,630) per worker, which unions have rejected as insufficient .

The next round of negotiations is due to start on March 27. Negotiations are also ongoing at the national level for the salaries of air safety workers and at the local level for ground services.

Source: Associated Press

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