German University Cancels Gender-Only Lecture

Berlin University. Humboldt canceled a lecture due to be given by biologist Marie Wohlbrecht, who planned to talk about the existence of only two biological sexes, due to security concerns, the newspaper Welt reports.

According to for the newspaperThe biologist sought to talk about “why in biology there are only two sexes from a scientific point of view.” However, activists on the left protested this, calling Fulbricht’s thesis “unscientific, inhuman and hostile to LGBT people”.

“The concession to radical and violent activists who know nothing about biology is understandable, but worrisome,” Fulbrecht told the Bild newspaper.

Notably, Fulbricht’s lecture was canceled “for security reasons.”

For their part, the police said that against the background of the lecture, protests were planned, while a counter-demonstration was also expected.

In turn, the university said: “We are very sorry that Mrs. Fulbrecht will not be able to give a lecture,” emphasizing that they will try to give the biologist the opportunity to speak later.

Source: RIA Novosti

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