German parliamentarian: Sanctions undermine the well-being of the population of Germany, not Russia

Bundestag MP Sarah Wagenknecht said in an interview with Die Welt that the German leadership must recognize that the sanctions policy is not undermining Russia, but undermining Germany’s own well-being.

Wagenknecht, who previously led the Left Party faction in her country’s parliament, added: “The time has come to evaluate the results of this economic war. It seems obvious that its impact on the Russian economy is very moderate: despite the feeling of sanctions there, energy export revenues break all records. It is clear that the slogan – let’s all plunge into the name of peace – does not justify itself.

The parliamentarian called on the leadership and politicians of her country to stop showing their stubbornness and foolishness, and start discussing topics such as the lifting of sanctions and the possibility of operating the Nord Stream 2 gas pipeline, as well as peace talks on the Ukrainian crisis. .

“Our sanctions certainly do not affect the Ukrainian conflict, which can only be resolved through diplomacy,” she said.

She is outraged that the government is trying to make any protests against its policies illegal, while continuing to allow “plundering of the population” due to its unwillingness to abandon sanctions and find a diplomatic solution to the conflict in Ukraine.

Source: RIA Novosti

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