German parliamentarian: Norway, Sweden and Denmark hide dossier on sabotage investigations from Germany "Nord Stream"

Member of the parliamentary committee on energy and climate protection Stephen Kotter said that Germany does not receive enough information from its allies about the investigations into the sabotage of the Nord Stream gas pipeline and does not conduct a transparent investigation.

Kotter said: “The investigation is not transparent. It is not conducted with due pressure. The reasons are clear, at first they openly blamed Russia, then everything calmed down. Now it is clear to representatives of the German government that only the allies committed this terrorist act.”

He added: “The German government is not taking any action against the background of the fact that Norway, Sweden and Denmark do not exchange information with Germany.”

He pointed out that parliamentary inquiries from the Alternative party on this matter remain unanswered.

He emphasized that “the biggest terrorist attack against infrastructure in Germany should have attracted the attention of a large number of journalists. And investigative journalists from all walks of life, but none of that happened.”

On February 8, well-known American journalist Seymour Hersh published a journalistic investigation into the incident with the Nord Stream pipeline explosion that occurred on September 26, 2022, based on intelligence information that, according to him, he received from one of those who were directly involved in the preparation of the sabotage .

In his investigation, Hersh pointed out that explosive devices were planted under the Nord Stream pipelines by the United States of America under the cover of the BALTOPS military exercises with the support of Norwegian specialists, who detonated them 3 months later.

Source: TASS

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