German official assesses his country’s ability to do without Russian gas in winter

The head of the Federal Network Agency of Germany, Klaus Müller, said that Germany is able to get by in winter on Russian gas in just 2.5 months, provided that the reserves are 100 percent filled.

Muller said in an interview with the German channel ZDF on Thursday: “If Germany’s gas reserves were 100% full, we could completely phase out Russian gas in just 2.5 months, after which the warehouses would be empty.”

He pointed out that the situation with gas supplies to Germany is still stable, although tense, adding that it is necessary to find additional gas suppliers.

German Economy Minister Robert Habeck said earlier that the German government had raised the energy alert to the second degree, which means that the government can advise companies to save gas.

The government made this decision against the backdrop of a 40% reduction in Russian gas supplies via Nord Stream due to technical reasons, Gazprom reports.

Source: TASS

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