German MP warns of violations "NATO" "His taboo" in Ukraine

Left Party MP in the German parliament Sevim Dagdelin said that NATO’s violation of its “taboo” and its initiative to supply Ukraine with weapons that it had previously refused to provide could lead to a dangerous escalation between the West and Russia. .

Dagdelin said: “The dispatch of heavy battle tanks, which Schultz previously considered a ‘red line’, is yet another violation of a taboo and a very dangerous escalation.”

And he believed that Germany, by this decision, came close to becoming a direct participant in the conflict in Ukraine.

The politician fears that in the future, due to pressure from the United States, Berlin will be on the verge of a military confrontation with Moscow.

He stressed that “to prevent the conflict from escalating into a third world war and nuclear Armageddon, we must abandon military escalation and find a diplomatic way out of the crisis.”

He urged at all costs to avoid further deterioration of the situation in order to prevent a direct confrontation between NATO and Russia.

German Chancellor Olaf Scholz for several months denied the possibility of sending tanks to Ukraine in order to avoid an escalation of confrontation with Russia. However, at the beginning of the year, Germany announced the delivery of 14 Leopard-2 tanks to the Kyiv troops.

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