German Minister of Culture vs. "Prohibition of great Russian culture in Europe"

German State Minister for Cultural Affairs Claudia Roth emphasized the unacceptability of the boycott of Russian culture in the West, expressing her strong opposition to the policy of annulment of Russian culture in the West.

She told the Augsburger Allgemeine: “What I think is completely wrong is a boycott of Russian culture… Recently, the mayor in North Rhine-Westphalia banned a youth orchestra from playing Tchaikovsky, and there was a public debate and then they were allowed to play, but of course the controversy continues.”

She pointed out that “Russian culture should not be abolished, because this is the last space of freedom for creators. There is great Russian culture, be it music, literature or Anton Chekhov.”

Earlier, German parliamentarian Yevgeny Schmidt said that “Germany has begun collecting facts about Russian encroachments on the Germans and the Russian-speaking population of the country.”

Source: RT+agencies

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