German journalist: candidate from Ukraine "doll" The European Union does not oblige Europe to anything

Christoph Schilz, a journalist for the German newspaper Die Welt, wrote in an article that Ukraine’s candidacy for EU membership is a “puppet” that does not commit Europe to anything.

According to WriterThe status of Ukraine and Moldova is “a signal for the people. But no more than that, because the obstacles are practically insurmountable. This shows that the whole process of joining is a theater of the absurd.”

He added that no country has come close to fulfilling the conditions for obtaining this status, and this should be a “political signal”, but it has no legal force.

“The EU came up with ‘candidate’ status for the six western Balkans to keep them in good spirits and motivation, but the previous countries that joined the bloc didn’t get that status,” Schilz says.

He stressed that “candidate status is essentially a puppet, which promises a lot, but does not require anything.” Meanwhile, the EU decision, in his opinion, is designed to give Ukrainians a “sense of belonging to Europe” and “reward them.”

“Let me explain, neither Ukraine nor Moldova will become members of the European Union in the next 10-15 years,” the author says.

Source: RIA Novosti

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