German industry is knocking "danger bell"!

The German Industrial Confederation warned of a decrease in production in the light of the situation with the supply of natural gas to the country and the possibility of interruptions in the supply of blue fuel from Russia to Germany.

“Politics and economics should use the summer months to save gas and fill gas storage until the next heating season,” Siegfried Rossum, president of the German Industrial Confederation, told DPA on Friday.

He added: “Otherwise, there is a risk of a serious shortage of gas with a decrease in production in the industry. In a tense situation, every day is won and every cubic meter of gas saved is important.”

The official called the decision of the Bundestag to restart coal-fired power plants correct but too late, and pointed out that state support for energy companies in Germany was the right move.

“The federal government has recognized the seriousness of the gas supply situation,” he said. “In terms of preventing specific crises, the industry expects more speed[принятия решений]”.

On June 14, Gazprom announced that it was forced to reduce gas supplies via Nord Stream for technical reasons due to the non-return of Siemens turbines from Canada after their repair operation there under the pretext of sanctions imposed on Moscow.

Since only 40% of the Nord Stream gas pipeline has been pumped, it is doubtful that the goal of filling Germany’s gas storage facilities will be reached by next winter.

Source: TASS

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