German Foreign Minister: There is no blockade of Russian grain

German Foreign Minister Annaline Beerbock indicated that Germany is actively working with companies on possible grain exports from Russia, and this comes at a time of increasing demand for wheat in the markets.

Today, Friday, Beerbock told reporters: “As far as Russian grain is concerned, there is no blockade… Exports remain as high as they were last year. There are some companies that are not sure if they will be able to transport grain on ships, so we are actively working to make it clear that grain can be exported from Russia.”

Earlier, the media spoke about the difficulties faced by the Russian agro-industrial complex in the light of Western sanctions imposed on Moscow, which may affect the export of grain from Russia.

She said that Russian farmers are facing a shortage of spare parts for foreign equipment, the share of which reaches 30-40% of the entire fleet, and pointed out that European sanctions directly impede the export of some spare parts to Russia.

Source: RIA Novosti

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