German consul accused in Brazil of murdering his wife returns to his country

Brazilian media have reported that the German consul in Rio de Janeiro, Uwe Herbert Hahn, accused of killing his husband, has returned to Germany.

And the G1 media website states that the consul charged by the prosecutor’s office in Rio de Janeiro with the murder of his Belgian husband Walter Henri Maximilian Peut, who was released 3 days ago without imposing any restrictions on him, returned to his country. .

The website states that the consul flew from Rio de Janeiro to Frankfurt on Sunday evening.

On August 7, Brazilian police detained Khan at his home following the death of her husband.

Medical examinations revealed traces of beatings on the man’s body. The prosecution concluded that Piot had died from his injuries and that Khan was trying to cover up the crime.

But the court decided to release the German diplomat, citing some violations in the procedure for bringing his case to court.

Source: RIA Novosti

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