Georgina, Ronaldo’s Girlfriend, Flaunts Her Stunning Arab Beauty in New Photo

Spanish-Argentinean model Georgina Rodriguez, girlfriend of football star Cristiano Ronaldo, appeared in a “burgundy” dress from the Qatari brand Dollab Line.

Georgina wore a velvet abaya over a black collared jacket and blue jeans during Ronaldo’s debut as a player for Saudi club Al Nasr in Riyadh, and she beamed with a western look with an oriental twist that caught the attention of her fans. in the Arab world.

The owner of the Qatari brand Dollab Line, Bashayer Al-Emadi, said that her brand will release a new set of abayas after Georgina appeared in one of her versions, which greatly helped to popularize the brand.

Al-Emadi explained that the Dollab Line sent Georgia 3 different Islamic abayas to choose from, so her choice was a maroon velvet abaya with distinctive edges on the sleeves, hem and collar, which was one of the company’s latest releases.

The cost of the dress worn by Georgina, Al-Emadi did not name, but hinted that it ranges from 450-650 dollars.

The “burgundy” velvet cape was not Georgina’s first appearance in a Qatari cape, as she wore a light green “pistachio” cape by 1309 Studios against Portugal in the 2022 General Cup tournament.

Since the arrival of Portuguese football star Cristiano Ronaldo and his girlfriend Georgina Rodriguez in Saudi Arabia after joining the Saudi Al-Nasr team, cameras have not stopped following them.

A video clip was circulated a few days ago documenting the appearance of Georgina during her participation in the Joy Awards, accompanied by Ronaldo.

Georgina has also been seen wearing a veil that covers her hair and a dress with an open chest, which is very interesting and striking.

Georgina also garnered attention when she appeared on the purple carpet in a navy blue dress, headpiece and lavish jewelry.

Georgina revealed that she coordinated her look for the festival with one of her designer friends who lives in Dubai.

When asked about her feelings about life in Saudi Arabia, Georgina said: “I am very happy and feel the love of everyone. I love Saudi Arabia and also my family and children. This is a wonderful country. Thank you. Very.”

Source: News + RT

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