Gazprom: gas supplies to Moldova may stop due to old debts

Gazprom confirmed in a statement released on Saturday the possibility of terminating the contract for gas supplies to Moldova at any time due to non-payment of previous debts.

At the same time, she said that in October she supplied Moldova with gas in the amount of 5.7 million cubic meters per day.

The statement says that the Moldovan side is systematically violating the terms of the contract regarding the terms of payment for newly supplied volumes of gas.

Earlier, the chairman of the board of directors of Moldovagaz, Vadim Shaiban, announced the continuation of Russian fuel supplies to the republic as usual, according to the schedule, despite the failure by the Moldovan government to comply with the agreements on the conditions for signing the old debt settlement agreement. .

One of the main conditions under which Gazprom agreed in October last year to extend the contract for gas supplies to Moldova for another five years was the repayment of previous debts and timely payment for gas supplies.

Source: TASS

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