Gas shortage in Germany could lead to a toilet paper crisis

Jurgen Schaller, head of the Bavarian Paper Manufacturers Association, said the gas shortage in Germany could lead to problems in the production of paper products, including toilet paper and medicine packaging.

And Schaller continued: “Paper is used in the manufacture of many products, such as newspapers and packaging paper for storing and transporting food, medicines packed in cardboard boxes, and a number of hygiene products, such as toilet paper. instability, any of these goods can be subject to a crisis.

The head of the Union of Paper Producers pointed out that the production of paper products requires a lot of energy, since “the paper must be completely dried,” which means that a decrease in gas supplies from Russia may lead to a decrease in production, because. associated with the use of this type of fuel, adding that “paper production requires water, electricity, heating and personnel. It is a technology that has been developed, agreed upon and used, and cannot be changed quickly. .”

The German Chamber of Commerce and Industry said earlier that more and more companies in the country are forced to cut production due to rising energy prices.

Source: TASS

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