Gas prices in Europe jumped by 12% after the announcement "Gazprom" Production drops

According to the Intercontinental Exchange, European gas prices rose 12% to $1,890 per 1,000 cubic meters after Russia’s Gazprom announced it was in the process of cutting production.

According to the London Stock Exchange, futures contracts for the supply of gas for the month of August opened, trading today, Monday, at $1,680 per thousand cubic meters, but prices jumped 12% and reached 1,889.7. dollars per thousand cubic meters after the announcement by Gazprom to stop the operation of another Siemens turbine at the Portovaya GCS.

Russia’s Gazprom announced the cessation of another Siemens turbine, noting that the volume of gas pumped through the Nord Stream gas pipeline would be reduced by 33 million cubic meters. rated power of the station.

And the company’s statement at the request of Telegram said: “Due to the end of the overhaul period until full maintenance, in accordance with the instructions of Rostekhnadzor of Russia and taking into account the technical condition of the engine, Gazprom stopped operating another Siemens gas turbine at the Portovaya substation.

Source: “Sputnik”

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