Gantz: We are ready for any action on any front

Israeli Defense Minister Benny Gantz assessed the army’s Southern Command, stressing that “we are ready for any action that can be taken on any front, in the northern, central and southern regions.”

“The situation in southern Israel is tense, and I arrived here today with the chief of staff of the army, the head of the General Security Service and the southern command brigade to assess the situation and prepare for action. this will remove the threat from this region,” Gantz said.

He addressed the southern population centers of Israel, saying: “We support you and will take all necessary measures to protect you in a strong and responsible manner, in line with operational considerations aimed at achieving the desired results,” adding: “To our enemies,” Specifically, the leadership of Hamas and the Islamic jihad in Palestine, I would like to assure you that your time is up and the threat to this region will be eliminated one way or another.”

He stressed that “the Israeli army, the General Security Service and all security forces are preparing for any action that may occur on any front, in the northern, central and southern regions of Israel. We continue operational activities in all areas as needed. .”

He addressed the international community, in particular the interested countries in Gaza, saying: “The State of Israel is acting responsibly and with discipline, from a position of strength. We will work with inner flexibility and outer strength to restore normality. in southern Israel.

Gantz emphasized: “We do not seek conflict, but we will not hesitate to protect our citizens if necessary”, arguing that “The State of Israel and the IDF will continue their operations, recognizing the responsibility we have on our shoulders to protect communities. and citizens of southern Israel. And to protect the citizens of the State of Israel “as a whole”.

Source: RT

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