Gantz talks about the three ministers who will lead the Israeli army in the next Netanyahu government

Israeli Defense Minister Benny Gantz criticized the expected security changes, pointing out that there will eventually be 3 defense ministers for Iranian affairs, northern and southern affairs, and the Palestinian arena.

On Thursday, the atmosphere heated up during a meeting of the Special Committee, which discussed a bill to qualify ministers for office, as well as amending the Basic Law of the government so that a member of the Knesset, sentenced to probation, does not have a stigma that prevents him from holding ministerial positions (as in the case of Aryeh Deri).

Gantz stressed the need for a system that has unified leadership and knows how to strike a balance. He explained: “Once you upset the balance, you upset the balance of the system. The end result will be the dismantling of the security system.”

He warned of the repercussions of the move, saying: “I hope we don’t end up paying in blood for a mistake, then ask how this could have happened. If, God forbid, loopholes are created that affect operational activities, regret this moment.”

He added: “In all my years of service, it never bothered me which (party) the minister came from, because I knew security was out of politics. But Netanyahu is pushing politics deeper into security.”

Gantz concluded: “I know Netanyahu agrees with me, but he is acting out of political weakness. He thinks he can continue the divide and conquer game, but does nothing but dismantle and lose the security of Israel. “

Source: I24NEWS

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