Gantz: Nuclear deal with Iran will not prevent it from developing nuclear weapons

Israeli Defense Minister Benny Gantz has indicated that a planned return to the Iran nuclear deal will not prevent Tehran from developing nuclear weapons after it acquires the necessary capabilities.

In a statement during a meeting with top think tank leaders in Washington during his visit to the US, Gantz said “the planned conclusion of the Joint Comprehensive Plan of Action will not prevent Iran from developing nuclear weapons.”

“Iran has acquired knowledge, infrastructure and capabilities in this context, and this is irreversible,” he added.

He considered that these capabilities “will allow Iran to further expand its nuclear program during the period of the agreement, which will have fewer restrictions.”

He stressed that “Iran will be able to obtain nuclear weapons when the above-mentioned agreement expires in 2031.”

He believed that “it could enrich uranium up to 90% within a few weeks at the Fordow site.”

He pointed out that “Tehran has thousands of advanced centrifuges and limits the control of the International Atomic Energy Agency over these facilities.”

Source: “Mifzak”

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