Furry Chewbacca Crocs: Nuttiest ‘Star Wars’ merch ever?

Every company wants a piece of the massive “Star Wars” merchandise juggernaut. Shoe maker Crocs just happens to want a furry piece of it with the Crocband Star Wars Chewbaccas Lined Clog.

Let’s take a moment to revel in the glorious weirdness of this product. It’s a light-brown banded clog with Chewbacca’s face emblazoned on the outside, his bandolier running around the perimeter and dark-brown fake-fur lining.

Yes, Crocs captured a herd of fictional Wookiees, slew them and used their fur to line its clogs. I imagine Han Solo would be upset by this.

Crocs have been embraced for their easy-wearing features and comfort, but also maligned for their less-than-fashionable looks. They are made from a proprietary resin, but sometimes other materials sneak in, like the fur of a hirsute alien species.

Crocs already came out with some admirably cheesy glow-in-the-dark R2-D2 and light-up Darth Vader clogs for little kids. It’s the addition of the Chewbacca fur and the wide selection of adult sizes that puts the new ones over the top. The adult sizes cost $59.99 (about £39, AU$84), while the kids get off cheaper at $39.99 (about £26, AU$56).

The history of “Star Wars” products hasn’t always been pretty. The infamous Jar Jar Binks tongue lollipop comes to mind. While these shoes may not be the most attractive bit of merchandising ever created, it’s hard to blame Crocs for trying to find way to mash-up “Star Wars” with its distinctive shoes. This may become a tie-in product that a ton of fans will buy, but please don’t wear them in public.

The onslaught of new “Star Wars” gear is just getting started. Brace yourself for “Force Friday” on September 4, a global Disney-run marketing juggernaut dedicated to introducing “Star Wars: The Force Awakens” toys through live-streamed unboxing videos. This would be a good time to put on your Chewbacca clogs in the privacy of your own home, watch the products roll out and mourn for your upcoming credit card bill.

Source:: cnet.com

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