"Funnel of smoke from underground"The British talk about the culprit in pushing the country to "bottomless need"

The Guardian wrote that British Prime Minister Liz Terrace’s plan to start an energy war against Russia could create problems for the country, and the government’s energy plans “failed in every way.”

The article’s author, writer Will Hutton, argued that Brexiters would rule the fate of the British for the next two years, and the “degree of threat they pose to our well-being and security” has already become clear. adding that London’s energy policy is not serious and infringes on its own interests, and the government’s plans to impose restrictions on Russian gas prices do not provide the country with “any financial stability.”

Criticizing the London plans, Hutton said: “Energy policy must take into account long-term blackouts in the long term. It should protect both businesses and consumers. It must be financially balanced and not lead to the risk of power outages. In this sense, Our government’s plans are a failure in every respect.”

The article received a strong response from readers, with Bask user “Publiusnaso” succinctly writing: “In the worst times for Britain, the worst people are behind the wheel.”

“They plunged the country into poverty!” These conservatives.

Purdy Reeves wrote an outraged comment: “Boris Johnson killed 200,000 Britons with his inept policies during the Covid-19 pandemic. Now the same conservatives want to raise the limit to 1 million deaths this winter due to cold, hunger and lack of medical care. .”

One reader commented: “Once all this dust settles around Ukraine, we will be left with a terrible legacy of brutal inflation, stagnation and a failed Brexit. The UK will remain – economically speaking – suppressing the waste from the earth.” .

Source: RIA Novosti

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