From the memoirs of Kushner .. approx. "You are the poorest on the table" Trump forced to smile in Saudi Arabia

Jared Kushner, a senior adviser to former US President Donald Trump, recounted the highlights of his visit to Saudi Arabia with Trump in his memoir Breaking Bad.

Kushner referred to a “remark” made by Trump’s economic adviser who told him that he was “the most impoverished leader at the meeting with the Gulf Cooperation Council.”

Trump’s son-in-law said that during the president’s meeting with Gulf Cooperation Council leaders, economic adviser Gary Cohn handed the president a note that said, “It’s unusual that you are the poorest person at the table.” According to Kushner, the president couldn’t help but smile.

Kushner mentioned in his memoir that Trump’s reception by the Saudis was complete, with F-16s flying and cannons firing, and Trump participating in the Ardah dance, and then-U.S. Secretary of State Rex Tillerson, who opposed the visit, enjoyed the reception, provided by the American delegation.

He indicated that upon arrival at the Saudi royal court, Saudi King Salman and Trump oversaw the completion of a $110 billion arms sale aimed at offsetting the cost of American spending in the Middle East,” he said.

Source: CNN

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