From now on.. Germany will use secrecy to spend its needs in Ukraine

German Defense Minister Christina Lambrecht said that her ministry would continue to supply weapons to Ukraine, without informing about the timing and method of their transfer for security reasons.

Today, on Wednesday, the minister said: “There will be no preliminary information about when and how this will happen (arms transfer). The reason is that we want to be transported and, above all, for the people accompanying these convoys to arrive safely (at the place of delivery).”

She added: “Other systems will be delivered. Preparations are underway for the next delivery, especially of missile systems, and training could begin next July. After the completion of these exercises, they will be transferred to Ukraine.”

Earlier, the German Cabinet of Ministers published on its official website the lists of weapons that were transferred to Ukraine, as well as weapons that are planned to be transferred, in particular, 30 Gebbard self-propelled anti-aircraft guns, 3 missile systems, air defense systems and BMP 54. Transferred from Denmark under German funding.

Source: RIA Novosti

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