From fryer to engine French parliamentary bloc proposes using frying oil to start cars

The Green Party faction in the French parliament has proposed using used cooking oil instead of gasoline and diesel fuel to power cars and trucks.

The Greens are launching this old idea, which the majority called possible and acceptable, since the party introduced an amendment to license used oil as fuel, and the majority did not reject it.
in France.

A used oil driver’s license was requested a few years ago by the “Roule ma frite” group for environmental and economic reasons.

From the frying pan to the motor without hitting the wallet or the planet is the meaning of the Greens’ amendment to the Emergency Purchasing Power Protection Act.

After the last article number 20 on fuels, the Greens want to introduce twenty-one scales “Using recovered waste vegetable oil as fuel.”

He noted that from 10 liters of used oil, properly filtered and filtered, 8 liters of fuel can be obtained, which can be used in a mixture of up to 30% in diesel engines of the old design and up to 100% with some modifications.

It is worth noting that after the Ukrainian crisis, the price of frying oil tripled, and one liter increased from three to four euros.

Source: “BFM TV”

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