Friendly fire destroyed dozens of soldiers of the Ukrainian landing near Solidar

While withdrawing from the city of Vasiukivka, adjacent to the city of Solidar, which was recently liberated by the Russian army in Donetsk, Ukrainian forces were hit by friendly fire from American artillery, killing dozens of their personnel.

The Ukrainian forces consisted of several unarmored vehicles and Humvee armored vehicles, which were spotted by a Russian Orlan-30 drone and soon came under heavy artillery fire from Russia.

According to RT, having struck at the fighters of the Ukrainian brigade and having lost about 20 people killed or wounded, they began to retreat to their positions, but on the way back they collided with an unknown detachment of Ukrainian security forces and entered into an armed battle. run into them, thinking they are Russian soldiers.

Due to the lack of coded friend-foe identification systems and the lack of visual contact, Ukrainian forces mistook the 128th brigade for an enemy Russian unit and bombarded them with M777 howitzer shells, which they took with them during the retreat from Solidar. .

At least 50 people out of 120 died, many were seriously injured, the fate of the survivors is unknown.


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