French Prime Minister: There is no desire in the ranks of the parliamentary opposition to cooperate with the presidential majority

French Prime Minister Elisabeth Born, after her speech on government policy, said she did not see any desire in the ranks of the parliamentary opposition to cooperate in passing laws with a presidential majority.

Bourne said she would not shy away from “challenges” or “discussions”, noting that she would have “only one compass, which is our government’s compass: build for our country.” “The French need a Labor government and a Labor parliament,” she added.

The prime minister called on opposition parties from the left, right and far right to find “consensual solutions” and “build together” to find solutions to energy price and climate issues.

He promised a “radical response to the environmental emergency”, whether it be “how we produce, live, transport or consume”. It also announced that the state intended to completely renationalize the Electricity Company “in order to enhance its ability to carry out ambitious and necessary projects for our energy future as soon as possible.”

The prime minister also addressed the “challenges of sovereignty”, expressing her hope for a “more independent Europe”.

For their part, the four left-wing parties in the National Assembly on Wednesday submitted a vote of no confidence in the government.

In their text presented to the Presidium of the National Assembly and circulated to the press, the four parties stated that “in the absence of a vote of confidence”, which the Prime Minister did not request, “we have no choice but to submit this vote of no confidence”.

To overthrow the government, the memorandum would have to win an absolute majority, which is unlikely.

Source: agencies

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