French Politician Warns of Impending Civil War in the Country

Former French presidential candidate Eric Zemmour said in a television interview that the unrest in France could be seen as the start of a civil, racial and ethnic war.

The French politician added: “The civil war is a struggle and confrontation between the population and the authorities, and this is what is happening in France right now.”

The politician believes that the reason for what is happening now lies in the French immigration policy, and stressed that the police are now under very excessive pressure.

According to him, the authorities have instructed the police not to get into skirmishes and fights with demonstrators, because this could lead to injuries, which in turn could lead to more uncontrolled riots.

The French politician touched on the issue of the murder of the boy who caused the riots and said that although the murder of a teenager is inexcusable (recalling that the court has not yet ruled on this), the 17-year-old old man killed had many violations, in just two years he had 15 was mentioned in the materials of criminal cases and was prosecuted five times for refusing to obey.

Last Tuesday morning, a 17-year-old teenager was killed by a police officer during a road check in Nanterre after he refused to comply with a police order. After that, riots broke out in a number of French cities, which have been going on for several days.

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