French newspaper: The Russian ruble has become a boom island and the most successful currency in the world

French newspaper Le Figaro published a report on Tuesday that touched on the Russian currency, the ruble, and how it has tripled in value.

The French newspaper called the Russian ruble the most successful currency in the world.

In the report, she said that a few days after the Russian military operation in Ukraine on February 24, the Russian currency fell sharply, but the value of the ruble tripled from this fall.

“Looking back, it is very easy to get rich in the financial markets, but one thing is certain: those who would have bought the ruble in January 2022 and who held it have since become valuable and will be very rich today,” she added.

She noted that the three figures sum up the amazing journey of the ruble in the historic first half of 2022.

The newspaper reported that in early February and before the Russian military operation, 100 rubles equaled 1.2 euros.

It went on to say that after several days of the February 24 measure and the almost immediate announcement of economic sanctions by the Western camp, the Russian currency fell to 100 rubles (€0.61) in early March.

The situation was reported to have changed on June 28 when the price tripled and 100 rubles traded at 1.8 euros, a record level since 2015.

Now the Russian currency fluctuates between 1.7 and 1.8 euros per hundred rubles.

The newspaper described the ruble as an island of prosperity in the ocean of financial instability and the most successful currency on the planet.

The report states that these results are the result of the work of the President of the Central Bank of Russia, Elvira Nabiullina, who explained that she is highly respected by her colleagues both in the West and in Asia, in particular because she was able to cope with the 2014 ruble crisis. .

And this time, according to the report, he acted professionally, raised the key rate and introduced foreign exchange measures.

According to the article, there is an economic war between Russia and Europe, and a strong ruble gives Moscow an undeniable advantage, while the European Union is trapped, because a depreciation of the euro by 1% makes imports more expensive by 0.3% per year, which is reflected in the consumer price index.

Source: French newspaper Figaro.

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